May 14…Noah

Two days ago Noah turned 20. Wow, my baby, Noah, with the extra 21st chromosome that makes him so “special!”
Hard to believe two decades have passed since he was born upstairs in the tree house room. Such an easy labour and birth!
We’ve learned so much since hisarrival into this FamiLea. All of us have. From Noah we’ve learned: to be here now, to comfort others, to not hold grudges, to only remember the good stuff, to love everyone equally, to actually LIVE in love….not that he doesn’t have his moments of struggle with self. We all do. But he actually TELLS us many times a day how much he loves us. What a great reminder he is to put our GOOD thoughts into words and actually express them! They call it Down Syndrome, but I like what a little girl friend once thought it was called: “Dancing Drome!” Noah loves to boogie.

So here’s to Noah, who now sports a white-blonde mustache and goatee, and who tells EVERYONE how cute they are! I am so blessed to be your mama, Noah. We re so grateful that you came into our family. WE are the lucky ones! And YOU are blessed by having such wonderful brothers and sisters who love you soooooo much!


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  1. jenny marrs

    Hi Clover!!! So glad to have found you….Noah is 20? Can you believe it? John turns 20 on the 19th of this month. Noah is so handsome! I would love to “talk” more with you. I left my email addy…..hoping to “talk” to you later.


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