Excuse me if this sounds too bold,
but I’m much too young to be this old!

You see, inside, my smile is wide.
I’ve got no wrinkles there to hide…
No love handles for you to hold,
cuz I’m much too young to be that old!

Another year has come and gone
with lists of learning going on.
But I don’t always do as told,
cuz I’m still too young to be that old.

Some things get better as they age,
like wine and wisdom from a sage,
like precious gems and solid gold.
But I’m not too young to be that old!

And so I shall renew my youth,
just like an eagle, wing and tooth!
And every year when Spring has sprung
I’ll look and see myself as young.

You’re only as old as you think.
Renew your mind and take a drink
of God’s rejuvenating Word.
And you’ll become what you have heard.

You’ll start to feel what you believe,
and your “old” body will receive
the Life that has no end at all,
and lifts what tends to slip and fall.

Renew your mind! Be brave and bold!
Become too young to be so old!

– Clover

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