today: My Husband…

…is just so simply pleased. I mean, really! The husband sits in his chosen chair. He has received his protein, veg, and little bit o’ fat all carefully selected, aligned and proportioned just for him, personally, on his plate for consumption. He knows full well that he is truly well cared for. It is all so simple. He watches his game  on the television. He eats his food…his body maintenance. His darling woman’s careful provision. He is so well cared for. He needs to know. And I need to show him. Check! Got that one covered!

He nods his soul’s deep and heartful approval. I respond, “Cool! So happy you are pleased.” And, truly, I am pleased, no pretense. It was  bit of work, but not, at this point in time, so very much, I’ve got it down by now. We got it.

All these things and more I have come to take on, through the years, as “life as usual.” He lovingly provides certain and numerous things. And I, too, lovingly provide certain and numerous things. And, according to the songstress, it goes “round and round and round in the circle game.”

So here I am to tell you, Sweet Ones, that this weird handout is genuinely OKAY! You have permission. We, as women, are not ripped off! On the contrary, we are blessed…if only we can see it. We do have an enemy who would prefer for us not to see it. Will we, defensively, agree with the enemy of our souls? I think not! Not me, at least! Not THIS kid. Don’t you do it either.

Listen, Girls….We must “stand fast therefore within the liberty wherewith Christ  has made us free, becoming not entangled again in the yoke
of bondage.” Been there, Baby… done that. Got a couple stupid  T-shirts, and more junk to prove it, etc… At some place and time we must/can/might choose to bust loose from our entanglements and move forward into glory. Might we….Goils? C’mon! This is big adventure time! Let go of your fears and press on into the challenges of God’s awaiting adventures!

This is my invitation to you, Sweet Ones, to embrace your opportunities to learn, and to reject the notions that they (these opportunities) “hold you back”.  It is in the thick, mushy, messy matter of our soul’s  resistance where we choose to either learn and move forward or turn away and stay the flaming, boring same.

We choose, Darlings. We choose between life an death.  PLEASE choose Life so that you may continue to move forward together into His glories,
prepared for us! Nothing is as it seems. Listen! I’m telling you the truth, and there aren’t many out there who will.There is always so much more than what we perceive. We cannot control our circumstances. But we CAN control how we respond to them! Awaken to the leading of His Spirit! Leave behind the safety of what you know. No matter WHAT, God is always GOOD! Come away with me on into the vast unknown! Give. Love. Forgive. Bless. Treasure the love that is. Nothing else really matters. I love you, and so does the Lover of your souls. Believe!



4 thoughts on “today: My Husband…

  1. Husband David

    I must agree that no one on this planet is better taken care of than daddy David. I am so blessed to have a Proverbs 31 wife and a bunch of boys that love and respect their dad and the best daughter-in-laws in the world. I enjoyed reading through your blog my love and think you should do more (when you find the time.) Love and blessing to all of you. I am blessed to be husnand and father to you all.

  2. elinor

    Clover! ……..yes yes yes, it is all about being true to yourself and when you are the possibilities for love and all that love generates are endless………Life precious Life. Heaven on Earth.
    Blessings Clover

  3. Peter Palm

    Wonderful website and Conversations with God link. God will bless you for your testimony and faithfulness!! So fun to follow you and David here and on Facebook!
    May God continue to inspire you to share your faith and grow with David in His love.
    Blessing to you all. Cousins Peter and Judy Palm


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