Availability, Perspective and the Wind

Another recent one, from this morning, actually:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

me: Lord, instruct me today. As you know, I’m reading about man’s great awakenings to You on this Earth. I’m trying to understand what’s necessary for this to happen – individually and collectively. I want to understand and to experience this in my life/our lives – here where we are – with the people around us, whoever they may be. Show me, Lord. Teach me. Help me to grasp You and Your Life better and more effectively, I pray. I do not want to live life-as-usual. I want to live Your Life, even if it means I must experience Your death. Help me to die to self so that You can live more fully through me, I pray.

You: There is nothing impossible for Me, as you know. And you fully believe this although you’ve not  personally seen many examples of physical miracles. Some but not many, You will though – all in My timing. I love to do the impossible! And you love to see it done….and you long to see it done. I’ve placed this desire in your heart and so it will be fulfilled.

One thing: When you’ve prayed for others, you do not always know if they recover or not…unless they’ve told you. People usually don’t, (like the nine lepers.) You do not always know if they were healed or the prayers were answered. (Here the Lord gave me personal instructions regarding a friend of mine and told me to call her and encourage her and pray for her. I did, and she confirmed that it was He who had me call her.)

me: Thank You for Your prompting. I love You. Please show me what to do next. Please guide us momently in these increasingly interesting times. Please speak in my heart and help me to hear whatever You say, I pray. Lord, I only want to listen for You, hear you, and obey.

Please meet me where I am in my quest for More of You, I pray. Please help me to be focused on YOU and Your Love above all else. You and Your Love are most important above all else. It is You, Lord, that we need. You. You. I praise You and thank You for Your goodness. May Your will be done re Florida and Hurricane Irma. Lord, are the winds in Your hands or in ours? Tell me.

You: The winds are generally in the hands of the prince of the power of the air, the temporary ruler of this world system. You do have authority over him because I have authority over him. And I Am in you .

me: One person does? Then why were the islands hit? Surely many people were praying – people who truly know and love You, and know who they are in You.. Why then all that massive destruction? We prayed Irma would swing north and miss us, but also that it would go out to sea and not hit any land. The first part was answered but not the second part…not by along shot, with all the islands that were hit and are being hit full-on…including two places where we used to live.

You: Men…sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. There is consequence. Yet I do work all things together for the good of those who love Me and are called for My purposes…who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. I do this.

I see the end from the beginning. I see the Glory of the end of the end times. You can’t see it, but I can. Humility is different from defeat and victimization. All these people will have a choice to make. Which will they choose? Genuine, start-over humility or self pity? It will be a strategic battle. (It always is.) For some people, a completely new and victorious life will now begin – all old things passed away, and all made new. They will have found Me in the wind. These people will be forever changed for the Good. They will not be the majority. But they will emerge from the storm, helping others and putting themselves last. Loving others. There’s always the hope, in crisis and tragedy, that Love will prevail. Let Love prevail.

This is only the beginning of what is to come as the world is turned topsy-turvy in upheaval, physically and every other way. Only the beginning. Now is when your hillside will truly become Beacon and Refuge. You will shine My Light and take people into My Love. It is your raison d’etre. It’s why you’re here.

As things darken around you, you will become brighter. This is true of all believers. It is in the darkness that the Light is more visible. It is necessary darkness, so that people can see…Me – in you, My people. So rejoice in all circumstances. As you love to quote, “Aslan is (indeed) on the move.” – CS Lewis from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. So you must not be moved from your faith by all that you’ll see. But be moved by your faith. That’s what “Do not be moved” means. Stand strong in Me and the power of Who I AM. These are practice days of training. Drills. Use what you know in order to become fit for what comes next. All is true about My provision and goodness and grace. All is also true about faith growing by means of being exercised and used. So…don’t be moved by what you see and hear.

Let My Spirit move you instead, to greater glory and a greater manifestation of My Life in you. This only happens by opportunity to use the faith I’ve placed within you. And the love. And the wisdom. And the grace. And the power. And the strength. When you habitually use all of these, you enable My Life to flow out through yours. You then are partaking of the Tree of Life, and there will be no choice but to produce the fruit that comes from it…from Me. I will use all you have experienced – ALL for My good purposes. All of it. You may trust that this will be. You will see it happen. You will not use it. I will. You will see. That’s what I do.

Don’t concern yourself with what you perceive as the short-comings of others. Just pray for them that their way is opened and obstacles to My purposes removed. That is what to do. When you see the obstacles, just speak to them in your Spirit and by My Spirit. Do not dwell on them. Just  rebuke them. This will minimize their effect. That’s how it works. Speaking about the obstacles enables them to maintain their manifestation. Speaking to them whittles away at them, diminishing them, regardless of what the person may actually be doing to fortify them, maintain them, or eliminate them. That is up to that person. But what you can do in the secret place does make a difference. And a time will come when a speedy manifestation of this will be clear and evident: the undeniable evidence of Me in the midst of all. The time is coming. Just do what you know to do, be a good steward,and be patient, knowing that patience has her perfect work. Time is relative. I AM absolute. Rest in Me.

The “work” is actually allowing Me to live and move and have My being in and through you. That is the work: Being able to consistently adjust and maneuver in order for Me to live through you. At first it feels inconvenient – like a bother- because of old habits of ways of being. But then you realize that it’s actually your old ways that are truly the inconvenient bother – for My purposes! So your perception changes. And then it doesn’t seem self- sacrificial at all…because you know too much. You’ve learned otherwise! Perspective is everything. And perspective becomes accurate in the right Light and at the right angle: by the Light of My Word and from above. See? And so…things are rarely as they seem…from below and by any other lights.That’s why I keep reminding you that they are rarely as they seem. I do keep reminding you this, don’t I? Still with Me?

me: Yes. Still here and listening. I will re-read this one probably lots. I so need to have better, clearer under-standing, perspective, vision, clarity, compassion, effectiveness. You know what I need. You know exactly, Father, and I trust the process to You. 

You: Good. But you are part of the process. It never happens to you. It can’t. Your part, the part you play is key. It is not passive. It is active. Many of My people think that resting in Me is passive. But you’d be amazed at how active, (in My way,) the “resters” are! But because it is I who do the work through them, their energy & youth are renewed.

People, My people, do not always have this balance. Some go, go, go until they collapse. If they will be led by My Spirit and My peace, they’ll be led into restoration, good sleep and vitality all as a part of the leading. In crucial times this may not be the case. There are exceptions. But generally I provide a balance, via momently leading.

Sometimes My people have established patterns/schedules based on what did happen and what was successful. However, you must always be available to shift and adapt to the momently leading, and then you’ll not find yourself enslaved by structures of time or any other elements that you, yourself, have established! See?

me: Yes, I see how that happens.

You: And it happens to perfectly good “My people!” Your enemy knows how structure-dependent most people tend to be, and capitalizes on it. Now… there are those who will say that the ones who flow freely with My Spirit are “so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good…” that they’re undisciplined. Here again we have the conflict between the law and the Spirit. Which one to submit to? You know the answer. But if the religious do not intimately know My Spirit, (or Me, by My Spirit,) then they will be unable to discern or recognize My Presence. So they are not to blame. They are just honestly mistaken because of ignorance of My Spirit. That’s all. They do not know. And trying to explain it will usually not accomplish very much in the right direction. You just have to live it before them so that they have the opportunity to see the difference between the law and the presence of My Spirit. How else?

Yes, My Word does refer to this. And you are to be the embodiment of My Word. It does not always reveal itself – even to those seeking Me in it. Man’s predispositions must be over-ridden. And this is most uncomfortable for people to submit themselves to, especially at first…this death to the old un-renewed self.

A great awakening has always begun with a person or a few people who are willing to do this and live My Life. This example to others brings about their transformation. So renewal begins with you as you learn to live My Life and live it well. The more available you are to My Life, the more contagious it is. See? It flows out. I flow out. I cannot help but do it. It is inevitable. It must happen. But it begins with your availability. And that begins with your agreement with Me. Availability depends upon agreement. Think about it. It’s always true.

This was quite a long conversation this morning…to write out and then to type out after that! I hope it wasn’t not too long for you to follow. I pray that you found/find something meaningful in it. Even further personal conversation and clarity followed what I’ve shared, regarding a fascinating recent dream that I had two nights ago about the tangible manifestation of healing. I’ve yet to determine whether to share that part or not. 😉


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