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Flying Lessons!

 “Flying Lessons!”  Acrylic on canvas

Memories of “flying” on my father’s feet when I was small, and of “flying” my own children and grandchildren in the same manner. The dolphins showed up as a bit of a playful afterthought, as I reckon that’s what they’re doing too…practicing flying!




                  (acrylic on canvas)

This is a painting of my three darling peeps (aka the grandchildren). I completely repainted, with different colours, the sky, the sea and them several times, trying to get it to feel right. That is, I suppose, one of the perks of acrylics that you definitely don’t get with watercolours! The original photo that Sunny took had a coppery looking sea and sky glow. Although I tried (and tried,) I couldn’t get it to translate to satisfaction, so I ended up changing the look altogether. I hope it works.

Underground River – acrylic on canvas

 Underground River

 (Acrylic on canvas – sold)

This is a place, in my actual dream world, that I have visited many times through the years. There is always a mysterious something about it, which is a little unnerving. Yet I am always delighted to find myself there in my dream, and I think to myself, “Oh,wow! I’m HERE again!” The approach to the place is never exactly the same,so I’m going along a path and suddenly I realize I am there and that an adventure awaits me. It’s like a cue to pay attention to what will be a very interesting dream. This painting is the first in what I am calling my Dreamscape Series. I am new to acrylics. You can tell too, as I use the paint here in much more of a sparing, watercolour manner, as I’m more accustomed to water colour. But…with every new medium and piece I learn a little more!

Rope Swing Blossoms! – acrylic on canvas board

             “Ready or Not…”

  (Acrylic on canvas board)

This is #3 in the Dreamscape series. For now it’s called Rope Swing Blossoms, but I’m thinking of “Ready or Not…”. The tree sort of entered itself as a recent inspiration  from an amazing acacia tree that we have here on the property at Gingerbread hill. A couple weeks ago, it was in its glory in  full bloom! I need to improve the photography bit. Seems too easy to sacrifice colour for light or clarity…and using a flash just causes reflection and glare. As I said…definitely just learning! Anyway…here is a happy tree, with a rope that will swing you over into some mystery! Click on image to see a bigger image.

“Hidden Badger” acrylic painting on canvas


             Hidden Badger

           (Acrylic on canvas)

This is #2 of the Dreamscapes. The mountains actually rise a bit higher in the distance. I hope it makes you smile. My sister, Ceese, came up with “Hidden Badger,” as an alternative name to “What Dreams May Come.” She’s so clever! Thanks, Ceese!

Click on image to see a larger version.