On Healing and Agreement: from July 24, 2015

from July 24, 2915

in an ongoing conversation regarding the things that block the manifestation of physical healing:

I say: How to know if it ( the obstacle) is primarily spiritual, physical or a battle of the soul (mind,will,emotions?)

You say: It doesn’t matter! Whether I say, “Be healed” or “Your sins are forgiven.” It is all one and the same. It all amounts to believing and understanding fully how I can be your righteousness….if you will just let Me. Let Me be who I Am in you. Let Me do what I do – in you. Why not? It’s why I am in you to begin with! It! The whole reason.

The arguing is the process by which the soul is transformed. But it doesn’t have to take a lifetime. Imagine: If the agreement were instantly achieved, say, right now…how would lives around you, from now on, be changed as a result?

I say: Well, if You were flowing 100% through me then You would heal and counsel and deliver and set free…everyone!

You say: Correct…everyone who wills it.

I say: But You went about healing all. It says so in Your Word.

You say: All but the religious who thought they didn’t need Me. They thought they had everything they needed that pertained to life and godliness.

I say: Right. So once again our biggest adversary is pride – That’s clear.

You say: Pride and unbelief. Pride got Lucifer banished from My kingdom. Unbelief had the Israelites wandering around in the wilderness for 40 years…unnecessarily. And unbelief is fear. Listen…if, when it all simmers down to the bottom of the pot, the worst thing to fear is death, and I have conquered death, how freeing is that?!?

I say: For me, personally, I would prefer death to suffering on the way to death…a long, painful, drawn out dying with the body all messed up, etc… An instant death would be perfect!

You say: So you fear intense physical pain and anguish.

I say: I suppose I do. I think about the martyrs and I think about the pain and anguish S has experienced with the migraines for 30 years, which are so debilitating. I think of cancer patients and also those who were and are today tortured for their faith. I think of people who try, unsuccessfully, to end their lives, like my friend, P, and they become fragments of who they were and could be due to injury at the hand of self. I think the rapture sounds fabulous but unfair when so many martyrs have died terrible deaths. I think excruciating pain without morphine would be horrible, yet I know Your Spirit is able to sustain, transcend and also heal. So I have some confusion about this, I guess: The in-between injury and death…in-between life and death.

You say: Think of your father, It was in the in-between that he and I met, one on one and heart to heart. The in-between time has potential to be a mercy of space for redemption and reconciliation.

I say: Yes, but You do not cause the pain, so can You not prevent it?

You say: I can be with you in it and I can remove it. Do you not believe that you can be translated from the physical plane into the next one even as we speak? This goes back to our “realms” conversation.

I say: Yes, I do believe that. Of course I do, and I want to do it too!

You say: Then it is a matter of agreeing with Me. And that is all that needs to be done. If I need you to be translated into another realm, and your soul is in agreement with My Spirit, have no doubt – you will go!

I say: So it is all a matter of lining the soul up with Your Spirit. Back to that, as usual.

You say: Yes, but this does not have to be a big, sweaty, dirty job. You people make it that way. That’s what all the striving is about. Think: Rowing and toiling against the wind. No fish to catch. No food to give the people. Bracing against the storm – “Master, we perish!” as the wind whips them around on their little boat. Now think: “Peace. Be still.” Nets breaking. Loaves and fishes. Instantly at the other shore.

There are two ways and My way is better than yours! The word, “higher” was used, because it is infinitely beyond and other than your way, which is limited to the constraints and laws of this cosmos – temporarily.

Imagine: If you were to only think My way and never think man’s way. Just imagine what could happen! That is how you let Me live My Life through you. Think My thoughts. It’s really very easy. You don’t really even have to know many of them in advance…if you are able to recognize what is not My thought and put it out. That’s why knowing My Word is so useful, just as bankers are flashed the real money repeatedly, over and over again, in order to spot the counterfeit whenever it shows up. Knowing my Word makes it much easier for you to spot what contradicts it. So, that’s why I say to keep them in your house and mind and heart and on your lips. It’s not to give you a chore to do or to score points with Me, but to make your real work of believing in Me much easier!

It is all about Me. But what I did on the cross is all about you, you see. I AM all about you. I AM for you. I love you. I have given All for you. So all you really “need” to do is to rest on Me and let Me do in you what I do. To do that you will put out all contradictions to Me…like pulling weeds from a garden or ticks from a dog. It is deception & death removal: removing what steals life and chokes it out. Just spot it and remove it. It is no more difficult than that. And you have a Heaven’s worth of help to do it. Just be firm and don’t nurse or cater to half truths (the relative,) but stick with the absolute. My absolute is infinite and eternal. There is enough for forever and you don’t have to be stingy with it or use it “just some of the time.” Make My absolute your rule of thumb, your plumb line, your standard. Yes, it takes some re-arranging, but what is worth not doing it?

This does not require a lot of speaking. In fact, most of it is done quietly in the mind. But there are times to speak it boldly and you will know when. When doubts arise and are voiced, you may speak My truth. When fear arises, speak My love. When pain arises, speak My provision for healing. The more you do it, the more “first nature” it becomes. This echoes all you’ve been learning for years because it is the Main Point of life on Earth: to live in agreement with Me for My will to be done “on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Just don’t get caught up in going about the day – reserving these morning times for Me, and then doing life-as-usual. These morning times are launching pads, spring boards into your day, powering you up, preparing you to use our conversations momently as you go. Keeping them in a pretty blue book is sweet, but using them is the big idea.

I know this is not new stuff. But it is the important stuff, and so I will keep emphasizing it to get you and keep you on board. You ask. I answer. It’s a great system! I like it. And you are a good hearer, so I will continue to speak with you. I love it. It is what I most love – relating, having true relationship with My beloved people. You must know how it pleases Me.

I say: Well, I know it pleases me, Lord! And I am very grateful to now that it pleases You because I do want to please You with this life You’ve given me. I still get bogged down and derailed by the apparent conflict between the mundane and the creative. You tell me it needn’t be that way, yet I’m not in the clear on this, as far as evidence goes – my evidence of being able to manage both effectively, remaining focused on You.
You say: Just meditate on today’s conversation and you’ll see how it works. It’s never as big a deal as you think. You think: “Housework – yuck, groan!” You don’t have to do that. That’s your stumbling block. Why separate it out from anything we do together? You can choose not to do that.

(Regarding a childhood illness and resulting coma:)

As for your brain and possible neurological damage, it is irrelevant. Whether factually true or not, these thoughts disagree with Mine. I have always met you where you are and I shall continue to do so. It affected your past but not your future, now that you know Me better and that I Am in you for reasons.

Asking Me in (salvation) is not primarily for eternity but equally for here and now with Me. The here and now with me bears weight on the future. You will have eternity – what about now?Eternity with Me can be realized in a moment of in-between life and death. Having Me here and now is what your living is about. Think about it.

Doing God’s will in making decisions

 from Thursday, July 9, 2015

I say: What is Your will, Lord, so I can do it?

You say: It is not for you to accomplish some great thing, some work. It is for you (My people) to experience Me and all of Who I Am…Really saturate yourself with Who I Am. Experience MY Love, My wisdom, My mercy, My power, My grace, My kindness, My Life.

That is what I will for you. You hear that little rooster up there – barely trying out his new man voice…giving it a crow here and there, managing to croak out a little something? That’s how My people are…just barely eking out, managing to squeeze out a little of My Life into their lives. And it shouldn’t be that way. It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s not the plan. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. My presence has not been allowed to fill the heart. It gets pushed out by the cares of the world.

July 16, 2015

I pray: Lord, please help us all to hear Your heart and Your discernment. I love You, Lord. You are All in All, no matter what! Help us to see and respond correctly, (pleasingly to You,) to the matters that You know are important and to not react to the ones that aren’t. Only You know. And I love You and I love and appreciate that You want us to know and that You are so accessible to us! You give Yourself completely to us. Thank You Lord, for this giving that You do. I love You and I long to be closer to you in my soul and in my physical self. I know we are one in Spirit because You have made my spirit alive with Your very Life. I would have no living Spirit within me, without You. Lord, bring a depth to the music You give us and the writing we do, and the art we do, as well as the art of living, in general. A joyous depth that shines out to others with Your sweet and powerful Life – Your Love.

I know this is Your mission for us, Your children. Lord, bar the way that is not Your way. Light the paths of thinking that agree with you. I love You. I am not often really understood, Lord, but I don’t have to be. You will make the important things understood by Your Spirit. Help me to understand! Help me to love.

The image in that story of the Confederate soldier who crossed the line to give water to the crying, wounded Union soldiers, and the cease-fire that resulted for long enough to let him carry out his loving task….the motherly care he provided out of the depths of his compassion, inspires me to be more caring, more truly loving. As Your love supercedes and becomes mine, open the ways for me to care for others. I realize that in praying this I am accepting Your challenge. I realize that in new ways I release control to You. But…I see no way around it if I am to continue to grow in You. I love You, and I want to grow in You, because I am greedy for You.

I think:  “DO you love Me? Then feed My sheep.” Yes, I do,so show me Your ways to feed Your sheep, O Gentle Shepherd of mine. Show me Your feeding…ways, I guess, for absence of of a better word. I know it happens via being sensitive to Your leading by Your Spirit. Relieve me of “learned missionary consciousness” and help me to give freely, knowing that You are the provider of all.

I know You are doing this work in us. You give freely as we give freely. As we give out, You replenish. Thank You for Your supply.

(Regarding a purchase issue:)

I do not know, but You do know. Help us to be wise with Your tree of Life wisdom – not the wisdom from the other tree.

You say: Once again, it’s very rarely as you think it is. Sometimes you see a bit of it, but you never can quite see all, and this is for a reason: Chiefly, My mercy keeps it from you, lest you be overwhelmed.
I say: Sounds protective.

You say: Well, yes and no. It’s also a practical thing as it keeps you listening for more, searching Me for more. Keeps you hungry. So it is a real help.

I say: Okay, I get that, but in something as simple as a purchase? I’m sure you can just give us a yes or a no.

You say: Sure I can.

I say: So?

You say: Listen, listen. Take more time to really listen to Me and disregard, in matters like this, your practical thinking. If you want to do practical thinking then decide on that basis. If you want what I know, then you need to listen.

When you use your practical mind, you think, “Okay, this and this and this – these are the good/positive points in this matter. And that and that and that – They are the bad/negative ones. You map it out according to the wrong tree (knowledge of good and evil.)

When you use My divine mind, which you may use at any time, I will show you…because I know, because I see the end from the beginning of all matters and “issues.”

I say: I assume that if You are leading us in this, that the money is not an obstacle?

You say: Well, it tends to be an obstacle as far as your faith is concerned, doesn’t it?

I say: Seems to be.

(Update: The Lord did tell us what to do, and we did it. The seller agreed to the amount the Lord told us to offer and the purchase was made. And it has proven to be a good decision.)


Underground River – acrylic on canvas

This is a place, in my actual dream world, that I have visited many times through the years. There is always a mysterious something about it,which is a little unnerving. Yet I am always delighted to find myself there in my dream, and I think to myself, “Oh,wow! I’m HERE again!” The approach to the place is never exactly the same,so I’m going along a path and suddenly I realize I am there and that an adventure awaits me. It’s like a cue to pay attention to what will be a very interesting dream. This painting is the first in what I am calling my Dreamscape Series. I am new to acrylics. You can tell too, as I use the paint here in much more of a sparing, water colour manner, as I’mmore accustomed to water colour. But…with every new medium and piece I learn a little more!

Rope Swing Blossoms! – acrylic on canvas board

This is #3 in the Dreamscape series. for now it’s called Rope Swing Blossoms. The tree sort of entered itself as a recent inspiration  from an amazing acacia tree that we have here on the property at Gingerbread hill. A couple weeks ago, it was in its glory in  full bloom! I need to improve the photography bit. Seems too easy to sacrifice colour for light or clarity…and using a flash just causes reflection and glare. As I said…definitely just learning! Anyway…here is a happy tree, with a rope that will swing you over into some mystery!

I’ve just added a new section that will stay fairly active!

Dear Friends,

Just to let you know, last night I added a new page/section…and I am certain that it is the real reason I even have this blog. It’s called, “My Conversations with God.” Note: If that title is a turn-off, then so am I, and so be it 😉 At any cost, I would hope that anyone who knows me would somehow manage to see, through words or deeds…or “through a glass darkly,” at least a fleeting glimpse – a slight flash – of the One who loves us most. So I would say that if it is a turn-off, the idea of someone presuming to have conversations with God, just give it a shot anyway. C’mon… Mind that you don’t throw the Baby out with the bathwater!

For “donkey years,” I have personally been”turned off” by the merchandising of what I call “Godstuff.” For that reason I will not put a price or cost on what is given to me freely and lovingly and is completely beyond price – priceless. I hope you find the ensuing posts of what I’ve been learning from my Father as encouraging as I have, myself!



excerpt from July 7, 2015


I see myself in the past, and even these days, still slipping into huffing and puffing and “trying to do it all.” What a silly picture I see!


Silly and sad too, because My people are so resistant to simply resting in Me. “The work of the Lord,” is simply resting in Me with full confidence and trust that I will both lead and do what is best…because only I know what is best.


Yes, only You know, and yet we grapple with knowing when all we have to do is listen to Your heart!


“Grapple with knowing” is a good way to put it. There is a striving that needn’t be. It steals the peace that has already been provided and puts it in the background or the foreground off in the distance, as something to be attained. You do not need to achieve My peace or anything else! It has all been attained and provided for you. All you need do, if you choose to, is to walk in it – abide with Me. Abide in My presence, being watered by My Word and My Spirit. The fruit is inevitable! And nobody can argue with lovely, juicy, ripe fruit. It simply is, and it is for the taking. And as people partake of it, they become transformed by its nourishment – revived, made more alive. It is always this way with Me. Always.

If there is a sense of being less alive, it comes from an opposing something that fights against My Good Truth and Love. It is easy to recognize and to nip in the bud: When there is not peace ruling and leading, find what is ruling and leading and put it out. Then hop back on the “peace train,” to quote an old favorite song of yours. You have ME – all of who I AM – in your spirit. This includes My peace, love, wisdom, perfect divine life and health, kindness, patience, understanding – everything I AM in in you. And you can yield to all of it, some of it, or none of it. None, some, or all.


I’m thinking of the parable that speaks of 30, 60 or 100 fold return…How do people function on the planet, yielding to ALL of it?!?


Only One person has ever done that. But it is possible, as He said, through Him, to do. My people just don’t believe it, really.

There are physical laws/parameters that, while you are in this cosmos, you need to work within. However, if My will being done requires over-riding these laws, My Spirit easily over-rides them. That’s how it works. It is My will – related.


But isn’t healing always Your will? So why are we not always healed: an over-riding of physical laws/constraints?


Sin, sickness and disease are all equally related to the fall and all equally annihilated by the Life, death and resurrection of My Son. It has been done. Man fell. World system was hijacked by air prince who deceives. Individuals are redeemed by Son’s sacrifice for them at their acceptance of Our love. Ideally, at the moment of new birth, all would be transformed. But you know the soul and the body are not as easily inhabited as the spirit of a man. They have their set ways that were formed in fallen-ness.

As you know, as you press into Me, they become less and less fallen or set in their deceived fallen-ness. They become transformed. You will prosper as your soul prospers. Your soul will prosper as it is transformed by My Spirit. It is inevitable, whether it happens on this plane or the next, now or later. But I know you want to see it happen here and now. You fight and resist it also though. You know you do. The only way not to resist Me is to actively take captive every single thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of Me and to submit to My higher, supernatural Life in all you do. Simple!


Well, you make it sound that way! And I see that we’re the ones who complicate it. That’s certainly very easy to see. And…we’ve got a lot of “help” in the complication department.


Yes, but not nearly as much Help as you have in the transformation department!


So true! Seeing You’re omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and “all!”


Right, so it is very thick of people to bog down in the whole thing, when all they really need do is fly!


Thick, indeed…one of Mom’s favorite words. How is she?


Joyous! You reason that anyone 100% in My presence will be joyous. But picture her: Dancing, singing, painting, forming beauty with her hands, laughing. Now picture this: Picture you doing all that here on Earth – in complete freedom. Picture it! See it. You do all these things but not in complete freedom. Yet you could. You have all of Me here now. Use My Life. How I long for My people to use My Life! It’s as if it weren’t unlimited! People are stingy with Me. This should never be!!! It is a grave error. Turn the tap on all the way. You never need to conserve Me. Ever.

There are times when I will share with you counsel that is only for you. That is not what I mean about conserving Me. Pieces of wisdom fit into place and all have their places. But if you keep the tap open to Me at all times, you will find so many needs being met in and all around you. It is What I Do. It is Who I AM. It is not a matter of coming back to Me for more. It is a matter of My being always here, available on demand, as called upon. You see, this is regarded by the religious as, “radical.” Good! I Am radical. Look it up.

And so I did look it up and discovered the following information from the dictionary:

radical: as adjective:

1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive,across the board, profound, major, stringent, rigorous
2. advocating or based on thorough or complete reform / revolutionary

as noun:

chemistry: a group of atoms behaving as a unit in a number of compounds

as adjective:

1. of or relating to or proceeding from a root
2. of or relating to the origin
3. a) very different from usual or ordinary
b) favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions or institutions

origin: Latin: radic-radix / root / foundation

free radical: an especially reactive atom or group of atoms that has one or more unpaired electrons; especially: one that is produced in the body by natural biological processes or introduced from an outside source that can affect cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure


Hmm….lots to consider here! If I read without negative context, “introduced from an outside source (God as invited in) that can “affect” cells, proteins and DNA by altering their (fallen) chemical structure…producing healing!

In the context of the body of Christ, one of us free radicals can affect the whole body by altering its DNA…as You alter ours.


In science, free radicals are “bad rebel” atoms that cause trouble Well, I cause big trouble to a fallen world and fallen humanity, because I radically transform those who have Me in them and I change their fallen-ness to wholeness.

The world prince (temporary) reads this as big trouble (as in, ‘Houston, we have a problem!”) But that’s because the world is operating backwards and upside down from My kingdom. (Think: Screwtape Letters.)

Within you is the transforming power to re-create everything for My glory. Everything in and round you!

Remember, at the beginning of your trip to the States I said to you, “I am in you, therefore everything is supernatural.”


Yes, I well remember it.


I meant it!


You mean everything You say, Lord. You don’t ever not mean it.




Okay! Please help me do it!


I will! I Am!


Lead the way. Please keep me open and hearing You, Lord. I am completely dependent upon You.

today: My Husband…

…is just so simply pleased. I mean, really! The husband sits in his chosen chair. He has received his protein, veg, and little bit o’ fat all carefully selected, aligned and proportioned just for him, personally, on his plate for consumption. He knows full well that he is truly well cared for. It is all so simple. He watches his game  on the television. He eats his food…his body maintenance. His darling woman’s careful provision. He is so well cared for. He needs to know. And I need to show him. Check! Got that one covered!

He nods his soul’s deep and heartful approval. I respond, “Cool! So happy you are pleased.” And, truly, I am pleased, no pretense. It was  bit of work, but not, at this point in time, so very much, I’ve got it down by now. We got it.

All these things and more I have come to take on, through the years, as “life as usual.” He lovingly provides certain and numerous things. And I, too, lovingly provide certain and numerous things. And, according to the songstress, it goes “round and round and round in the circle game.”

So here I am to tell you, Sweet Ones, that this weird handout is genuinely OKAY! You have permission. We, as women, are not ripped off! On the contrary, we are blessed…if only we can see it. We do have an enemy who would prefer for us not to see it. Will we, defensively, agree with the enemy of our souls? I think not! Not me, at least! Not THIS kid. Don’t you do it either.

Listen, Girls….We must “stand fast therefore within the liberty wherewith Christ  has made us free, becoming not entangled again in the yoke
of bondage.” Been there, Baby… done that. Got a couple stupid  T-shirts, and more junk to prove it, etc… At some place and time we must/can/might choose to bust loose from our entanglements and move forward into glory. Might we….Goils? C’mon! This is big adventure time! Let go of your fears and press on into the challenges of God’s awaiting adventures!

This is my invitation to you, Sweet Ones, to embrace your opportunities to learn, and to reject the notions that they (these opportunities) “hold you back”.  It is in the thick, mushy, messy matter of our soul’s  resistance where we choose to either learn and move forward or turn away and stay the flaming, boring same.

We choose, Darlings. We choose between life an death.  PLEASE choose Life so that you may continue to move forward together into His glories,
prepared for us! Nothing is as it seems. Listen! I’m telling you the truth, and there aren’t many out there who will.There is always so much more than what we perceive. We cannot control our circumstances. But we CAN control how we respond to them! Awaken to the leading of His Spirit! Leave behind the safety of what you know. No matter WHAT, God is always GOOD! Come away with me on into the vast unknown! Give. Love. Forgive. Bless. Treasure the love that is. Nothing else really matters. I love you, and so does the Lover of your souls. Believe!





Excuse me if this sounds too bold,
but I’m much too young to be this old!

You see, inside, my smile is wide.
I’ve got no wrinkles there to hide…
No love handles for you to hold,
cuz I’m much too young to be that old!

Another year has come and gone
with lists of learning going on.
But I don’t always do as told,
cuz I’m still too young to be that old.

Some things get better as they age,
like wine and wisdom from a sage,
like precious gems and solid gold.
But I’m not too young to be that old!

And so I shall renew my youth,
just like an eagle, wing and tooth!
And every year when Spring has sprung
I’ll look and see myself as young.

You’re only as old as you think.
Renew your mind and take a drink
of God’s rejuvenating Word.
And you’ll become what you have heard.

You’ll start to feel what you believe,
and your “old” body will receive
the Life that has no end at all,
and lifts what tends to slip and fall.

Renew your mind! Be brave and bold!
Become too young to be so old!

– Clover