Plymouth Montserrat
The Latter Day Pompeii DVD
The story of the life and death of the Emerald City
A Comprehensive Compilation of Plymouth (120 minutes)

On July 18th of 1995, Montserrat’s sleeping volcano rumbled back to life after hundreds of years of dormancy. Over the next fifteen years, David Lea’s 9 part, “Price of Paradise” video series kept the Montserrat community and many others around the world informed of the incredible events taking place during those volcanic days.

Now from this extensive archive he has taken the incredible images of Plymouth and created a “video journal” that begins in the late 1800’s. He includes a drive around town in 1984, the first ash falls, evacuations, pyroclastic flows, town burning and then the endless lahars that have finally buried our beautiful 300 year old capital city.

The bonus items show before and after scenes of the devastation of the village of Harris, completely swept away by the dome collapse of February 11, 2010, PLUS a special music video that captures all the special places that we loved in the southern half of the island.

This DVD is not just an important record for us today, but it is also an irreplaceable historical document for the generations to come.

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