The Price Of Paradise
Memories Of Montserrat DVD - 2007 Edition
The story of the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano
A Comprehensive Compilation of the entire eruption (135 minutes)

On July 18th of 1995, Montserrat’s sleeping volcano rumbled back to life after hundreds of years of dormancy. Over the next 10 years, David Lea’s “The Price of Paradise” video series kept the Montserrat community, and many others around the world, informed of the incredible events taking place during those volcanic days.

Now he has taken the highlights of his extensive archive and created a “video journal” that places the viewer right in the middle of an unfolding disaster. This DVD is an unusual record for us today and a historical document for the generations to come. The eruption begins with the first steam vents of 1995 that lead to the massive explosive eruptions of 1997 and the deaths of 19 people. The story continues on to the dome building phase, collapses and massive ash falls of the new millennium.

The viewer can then go to the bonus menu and choose from nine different items like: Survivors stories, The glowing dome at night, A walk through the buried city in 2003, The solar eclipse, 3 exciting days in July 1997, Books to read, Poetry, A drive through Plymouth in 1984 and a tour showing the ongoing rebuilding of the north.

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