Volcano Island
(Educational) DVD
Educational film for young people (25 minutes)

This educational DVD was created for younger school students taking courses in physical geography, geology, and earth science. This 25 minute film tells the story of the eruption, explains major volcanic processes, describes the effects of the eruption, introduces modern methods of monitoring an active volcano, and considers the impact of volcanic activity on a small island community. The film includes animations to explain the plate tectonic origin of volcanoes, the nature of magma, lava dome growth, pyroclastic flows, volcanic explosions, volcanic ash and pumice, volcanic blasts, lahars and volcanic hazards. Outstanding images of each phenomenon are accompanied by explanations by Professor Steve Sparks of the causes, effects and hazards. The film can also be enjoyed by a much wider audience interested in understanding volcanoes and appreciating these great spectacles of nature.

David Lea lives on Montserrat and has documented the eruption in film from its beginnings in 1995. His spectacular video images provide the backdrop for this unique, educational study.

Professor Steve Sparks of Bristol University (UK) wrote the script that explains basic ideas about volcanoes and their hazards. He also takes you into the field to explain some of the effects of volcanoes.

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