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Early in the Morning (a poem about the morning pages)

Early in the morning
Her ideas were preparing to arise
Gathering momentum from the dawn
Ready soon to spread across her skies

Early in the morning
Brewing like a tea of sleep steeped dreams
Her thoughts will gather strength enough to pour
Into the cup of day, bouquet and steam

Steam enough to waft
Her dream mist into lines of poetry
Lines that find expression by her hand
Out onto paper for the day to see

Later in the morning
She reads the morning paper to herself
The paper with some wisdom from her sleep
And rests it with the rest upon the shelf

Everyday Lady

Everyday Lady

I’m an elite extractor
of burrs from blue jeans,
bugs from beet greens,
boo-boos, by all means.
Banquets from Black Beans

With fancies unlimited, I:
transform porridge to potage,
crumbled crayons to collage,
menage melee to mirage…
Creative camouflage!

All in a day I produce:
lessons that burn a flame bright,
a feast to diaphanous light,
with music that sets the soul right,
(…if I had good sleep last night.)

I’m an elaborate enjoyer:
of lingering laughter and love,
of affections set on things above,
of being for God’s hand a glove,
of being content with enough.

I am an everyday lady:
who balances love on a limb,
with cares and commitments and whim,
sharing my selections with Him,
who makes my own lights seem dim.

I am child and a mother,
a sister, a wife, and a friend,
with no reason or rhyme to pretend
I’m not watchful for some sudden end
to all of this love that I tend.

I’m an extracting and fanciful,
unlimited, resourceful,
thoughtful, not thorough,
creative chiaroscuro
with lace in the bureau
for tonight!