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Early in the Morning (a poem about the morning pages)

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Early in the morning Her ideas were preparing to arise Gathering momentum from the dawn Ready soon to spread across her skies Early in the morning Brewing like a tea of sleep steeped dreams Her thoughts will gather strength enough to pour Into the cup of day, bouquet and steam Steam enough to waft Her […]

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Everyday Lady

Posted on December 13th, 2011 by admin  |  No Comments »

Everyday Lady I’m an elite extractor of burrs from blue jeans, bugs from beet greens, boo-boos, by all means. Banquets from Black Beans With fancies unlimited, I: transform porridge to potage, crumbled crayons to collage, menage melee to mirage… Creative camouflage! All in a day I produce: lessons that burn a flame bright, a feast […]

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