The Main Ingredient for a True Great Awakening

I am breaking the continuity of posting chronologically beginning from two years ago.I think it is too timely, this conversation that I had yesterday, for it to wait. I hope and pray that it is a blessing to you.

August 31, 2017
What is Needed for a Great Awakening

me: What is necessary, Lord, for a true Great Awakening?

You: True Humility, which only comes about with the revelation of My Son

me: So it’s the chicken and egg thing again, it seems. We need Jesus to awaken… and we need to awaken to see Jesus.

You: Yes, but Jesus is the Awakener and was before all else was – together with ME. So He comes first so that I can be seen. That’s why HE came to Earth – so that people could see and experience Me and My love personally. So He will always come first regarding things prayed for.

me: How to shed the religious trappings and just seek Him/You? What will cut through the trappings if disaster – continuous – has no effect? Not that You cause disaster, but you will certainly allow it. What will bring about the humility for awakening?

You: An outburst of My Love in action. If My people were to truly love – each other and those outside their circles – the visible strength and power of My Love will grow and become too obvious to ignore. If for no other reason but envy, people will turn their hearts to Me to experience what they see in My people who actually LIVE my Love.

me: And how best to live Your Love?

You: Momently, as always – being led by My Spirit. I love to lead you in loving. I AM Love. Yest My people are so far from Me and My Love! Caught up in the cares of the world – letting the little foxes spoil the vine. It is as if My own people actually have no freedom to choose what they will think, say and do. They’ve fallen prey to the ruler of their world and it is a sad sight to see…people playing church and playing house, as if truly in covenant with Me. It is all a play…until they get in trouble and then listen to them wail for Me! It is a haughty , pretentious generation that will come to its knees.

me: Lord, may it happen supernaturally and not by another natural disaster, I pray.

You: if enough people truly unite (and who is to say what is enough? It could be a very few if truly united together and with Me and My loving purposes…) But if, in Truth and according to Me, enough people truly unite and with Me, I will be in their midst with all the signs and wonders you could ever hope for! That’s not difficult for Me, you know. It is only “hardness of heart and slowness to believe” that keeps this from happening. You see? I LOVE. My Love must be real in the people who call themselves Mine. I must be Real in every aspect of their lives…and if not every, at least one! That is not asking to much, is it? Is that asking too much of the ones who say they are My people? What makes them “My people?” A prayer prayed once upon a time to ask Us into their hearts? Growing up “going to church?” A desperate prayer for help now and then when they’re in trouble? A quick “prayer” for a needy friend with “in Jesus’ name” tacked on the end? People need to look at themselves, see where they truly stand,then completely abandon themselves by looking at ME…and leave their self-driven ways and habits in MY hands to change them from the inside out. It’s always been this way and is no different today. It’s called death to self so that We can truly make our home within you …and feel at home abiding there…rather than having Our hands tied. You see Montserrat as hobbled – unable to move forward. Now picture this: Here is your Creator, invited in, yet not allowed to move at will. That is the situation. And the only remedy is Love, which will bring about true and genuine humility, which will enable Love to grow, which will BE the Awakening, itself!

me: Well, wow! You certainly answered my question! Thank you. Now may I choose Your Love at all times and in all ways! Show me, Lord. Open my eyes to your ever present and infinite Love so that I can freely share it in new ways – in every way -I pray!

You: This is why you are not going North. You need to be here when the tide comes in.

me: !

You: Yes, trust Me.

-a bit later-

You: People do truly believe that I just turn My back on their iniquities because My Love for them is greater than all their sin. (These are My people I’m talking about – the ones  who call themselves Mine.) They persist in their sin of greed and dishonesty and disloyalty and dishonour. And they depend on My grace, established at the Cross, to keep them somehow from falling away altogether.

Listen! My grace IS infinite and my Love also, and they have been forgiven. But people’s choices create the realities that they will have to be responsible for – one way or another. It is wickedly difficult to stand with one foot on the shore and one in the boat. Through trial and error the lot is cast. It’s infinitely easier to simply rest in Me for all decision making. Let Us help you.

I  do not punish sins. Sin, itself, was punished forever and also forgiven on the Cross. Your earthly sins, themselves, however, do create their own effects that are hellish in nature. That’s  just the way it works. So My Love never diminishes though sin abounds, and I can cause all things, including missing the mark, to work together for the good of those who love ME and are called according to My purposes…who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. My Love is All in All. My Love creates ITS own effect which is beautiful in all its ways. Better to choose ME – always better to choose My Love when choosing time arrives.

When people become complacent, they are not very available to Me although I AM always available to them. I do not back off – ever. People do – by the choices they make: the things they think, say and do. I Am not ignorant of these things they do. I see all. I am grieved that they (the people who call themselves Mine) trust themselves more than they trust Me. They must turn the trust of their hearts to Me truly…and it must be a continual habit that they choose to create, in order to UNdo the negative habits that rule their souls. There is great power in choosing. How I desire for people to choose My blessing and My Life! All too often, a crossroad is reached and there is not even the acknowledgement that there IS a crossroad…a choice to be made. Habit carries them on their way. And out of their mouths proceeds unpleasantness. This should not be. My people who are called by My name  are called also to be fountains of sweet waters…not bitter ones. Choose My Life. Speak My Life. Live My Life. You do this by loving with My Love.

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